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General Questions

While it is situated on a summer camp location, Discover U is far from being a camp. Established in 2006, Discover U is a Jewish leadership program aimed at helping you achieve your goals.
Each session of Discover U has 30 participants.
Discover U promises an inclusive environment with many of our participants coming to The Zone campus for their first time. Our staff and participants all come from diverse backgrounds but we all strive to...
There are several scholarships available for eligible participants. To apply for a scholarship please contact us.


Due to the fact that our session is extremely concentrated to just under two weeks, it is very difficult to fully benefit from the program when coming for less than a full session. While exceptions can be made in extenuating circumstances, in general we require all participants to stay for a complete session.
Everyone in Discover U is assigned a league team at the beginning of the session. Each team has a chance to play one of the many sports The Zone has to offer. These include but are not limited to: basketball, soccer, football, hockey, volleyball, capture the flag, and human foosball.
While there is a sports on the schedule every day there are plenty of activities throughout the day that do not include playing sports. At the same time, we do encourage everyone to get involved in sports - even if you aren’t the star of the team. The more you participate in activities, the better of an experience you will have.
Discover U is open to you - whoever you are, and whatever stream of Judaism you affiliate with (or even if you don’t affiliate at all).


Gorgeous! Our camp/resort has accommodations like no other! Tempurpedic mattresses, full air conditioning, ample cupboard space, full onsuite bathrooms as well as extra communal bathrooms, lakeside views, outdoor lounge area, and so much more!
The Discover U program is housed in the luxurious Redwood Lodge. The Redwood has 10 rooms with 5 guys in each room. Requests are taken into consideration when room assignments are made. However, due to several factors including limited space and availability, we cannot guarantee any requests in advance. The rooms are extremely close together and most of the downtime is actually spent in our enormous lounge with pool tables, a flat screen, and tons of comfortable couches.
The service at camp can sometimes be spotty due to our location in the mountains. The provider which has the best reception in camp is Verizon. AT&T also has service in certain locations, with T Mobile having very difficult connectivity issues. There is wifi time provided twice daily during the afternoon break and in the evenings, as well as anytime there isn’t scheduled programming.
Our head Chef and baker serve delicious meals with the highest kosher standards. The entire kitchen is peanut free and there are some whole wheat options. Every meal has a protein, carbohydrate, and vegetable or fruit as an option. If you have specific allergies or concerns please feel free to reach out to us.
We welcome participants to bring their own cars as a means of transportation to Discover U at the beginning and end of the summer. However, in order to leave camp during the session you must have explicit permission from one of the Division Heads or Mashpi’im.

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