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Activitiesof a lifetime

Take the plunge with our 180-foot water slide or state-of-the-art zipline over the lake. Boat with a variety of options including paddle boats, kayaks, bumper boats and water bikes.

water park
Water Park
Bumper boats
Bumper Boats
paddle boats
Paddle Boating

Experience the works! Have a blast as you glide down our cool alpine slide, gallop on horseback, pioneer in our tepee village, or practice your archery skills.

Horseback Riding
Rock Climbing
Alpine Slides
Laser Tag
Workout Gym

Anything is possible in our beautiful game room. Hone your gaming skills with a range of exciting, interactive arcades.

Game Room
Ping Pong
Virtual Reality

Become a champ with our variety of athlete-worthy courts. Whatever game you choose to play, it will be with the best competition, and with state of the art equipment.

Human Foosball

Cross everything off your bucket list! There are places to go and excitement to be felt, as you have the time of your life on major, fantastic trips!

Six Flags
Ropes Course
Zoom Flume
White Water Rafting

Jewishlearning experience

Weaved seamlessly into the program, learning at DU takes many forms and provides an excellent opportunity to strengthen your Jewish identity and leadership skills before heading off to college.

The DUStaff

Rabbi Rafi Fried

Director, Boys Division

Rabbi Shmueli Young

Director, Boys Division

Mrs. Gittie Mintz

Director, Girls Division


Luxurious Suites

Nestled in the magnificent Catskill Mountains, DU is hosted in Oorah’s TheZone resort, an upscale former ski resort with breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. Our luxurious, five-star facilities boast spectacular, onsite activities and full hotel amenities including tempurpedic mattresses, air conditioning, private bathrooms and more.

Breathtaking views

The sprawling grounds of TheZone are brimming with magnificent natural splendor. The DiscoverU experience is taken to the next level against the backdrop of TheZone’s incredible landscape, including our large placid lake, picturesque gazebos with their panoramic views, grazing animals, and rolling hills.

Five Star Catering

Our seasoned chefs are famous for their appetizing and beautifully presented delicacies. Whether it’s mealtime, snack time, or Shabbat, the food at DiscoverU is something to write home about.

Relaxing Lounge

DiscoverU campers can spend their free time relaxing in our tastefully decorated lounge. Whether playing a good game of ping pong or just stretching out on one of the many comfy couches, you'll get the rest and relation you need for your next activity.

Fully stocked library

Check out our extensive library, fully stocked with an incredible variety of genres. Whether fiction, history, or philosophy, any bookworm will feel instantly at home.

Full workout gym

Our facilities are equipped with an attractive gym, containing state of the art exercise equipment. With the diverse selection of gear, everyone will find something that will motivate them to stay in shape.

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